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20 AUGUST 2017

Update 22 August 2016

What a day we had! The greatest ever turnout of spectators to see the biggest race since the event began. We had twenty registered, but one had to pull out. There was already a spare car, so we had two cars to offer to the public on the day. Fortunately our request for volunteers was met with enthusiasm and we were able to allocate the spare cars to two teams of four volunteers, making a total of twenty-one teams in the race.

Everyone put their best into it, including the two volunteer teams who had never been a pedal car before and they ended the race with very creditable 11th and 14th places. First prize went to Ythan Cycle Club's White car with Heli Angels close behind. The Cycle Club were there again in third place with their Blue car, with newcomers Ythanview Hotel fourth. The Ythanview team are no strangers to pedalling, though, they are a group of cyclists from Methlick who must meet in the Ythanview Hotel to replenish their fluid levels!

Ellon Athletic Club's main team Athletic Inability were well named. They struggled round a very poor seven laps, only half the number achieved by their second team Someone Needs to Help Us, powered by some very much younger members of the club.

Our hearts must go out to new entrants City Church Ellon, who only managed one lap before major mechanical failure put an end to their hopes.

Thanks to everyone who took part and those who encouraged them, thanks for making the day a success.

Here are all the placings, sorted on number of laps completed, with their positions and best lap times.

Update 20 August 2016

Are we nearly there yet? Yes, just one more sleep!

We have a record number of entries, what a great year for the event. Here are the teams

  • Athletic Inability (9) (Ellon Athletic)
  • Captain Chico's Privateers (8)
  • City Church (10)
  • Costcutter Ellon (2)
  • Ellon Boys Brigade (16)
  • Ellon Rotary Club(15)
  • Ellon Rugby Club (13)
  • Ellon Scouts (5)
  • Fairnac Cart (4)
  • Heli-Angels (6)
  • Repsol Sinopec Resources (12)
  • Someone Needs to Help Us (18) (Ellon Athletic)
  • Station Hotel (19)
  • Taylor Design Services (17)
  • The Bue Brigade (3) (Jim Jamieson Quarries)
  • The Jammy Dodgers (20) (Jim Jamieson Quarries)
  • Tollbooth (11)
  • Ythan Cycle Club Blue (7)
  • Ythan Cycle Club White (1)
  • Ythanview Hotel (14)

We have heard that our local Member of the Scottish Parliament, Gillian Martin may be able to visit us tomorrow. This is an indication of the extent of support we have from the community for our event. Welcome, Gillian if you can make it, your encouragement to the teams will surely bring out the best in them.

We will be awarding a prize for the best or most entertainingly dressed team and car, we'll see what they come up with.

Update 18 August 2016

Some significant developments in the last couple of days, some good, some even better!

One of the even better is the news that Adam Rooney from Aberdeen Football Club will be starting off the Ellon Pedal Car Race 2016. We are delighted to have Adam with us and we will have a raffle for a framed Aberdeen top signed by the team.

We also have more entries for the race, including some new faces. It is great to see teams who haven't entered before, it keeps the event fresh and exciting! We are updating the entry list and will add it shortly.

There are also some more sponsors helping us to raise funds for the very worthwhile recipients, Friends of the Anchor Unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and we know many local people have benefitted from their work in the past.

The list of stalls and attractions is looking very attractive and there should be something for everyone to have a go on, try, buy, or eat!

Here is what we have....
Ellon British Legion Pipe Band, Kiddies Rides, Kiddies Giant Slide, Bouncy Castle, Strawberries stall, Cup Cakes Stall, Craft Stall, Win a Mini raffle, Burger Stall, Chas Stall, Teas & Home Bakes, Water Guns - chance to soak pedal car riders, Face Painting, Win an Aberdeen FC signed shirt raffle, Cats protection league stall, Aberdeen City Church Stall.

Update 16 August 2016

New - check the latest on our Facebook page directly on this website, just click on the link on the menu bar above.

Everything is going well with plans for the Ellon Pedal Car Race on Sunday 21 August, even the weather is improving!

We have a busy day as usual, with something for all the family. The events will start off with the cycle races at 10 am. Exact timings for each race are still being calculated based on the numbers of entrants for each race and we will have full details in a couple of days. Presentations of prizes will take place at the end of each race and Ythan Cycle Club are happy to welcome Julie Erskine, pro rider for team Ford EcoBoost to award the prizes.

Following the cycle races, we will have the running races at about 1.00 pm, possibly a little earlier, details to be confirmed when we have further information on numbers of entrants.

Ellon Pipe Band enjoy great local support and they will entertain us from about 1.30, then they will lead the usual Ellon Pedal Car Race Parade round the track, with the pedal car race starting at 2.00 pm. The race will be even more exciting this year with the addition of two new chicanes, one in Bridge Street, the second in Station Road, we'll see how the entrants handle these new challenges. The water pistol area was very popular with the younger spectators last year, so we will be letting them enjoy themselves soaking the entrants again this year.

We will be choosing the best dressed team in the pedal car race and after presentation of prizes we will be opening the roads again at 5.00 pm. All the stalls and other attractions will stay open until 5.00 pm, so if you haven't managed to get round everything there will be time after the race.

The line up of teams so far will be James Jamieson Quarries 1, James Jamieson Quarries 2, Ythan Cycle Club 1, Ythan Cycle Club 2, Station Hotel Ellon, SPEX, Ythanview Hotel Methlick, Ellon Rugby Club, last year's winners Captain Chicos Privateers, Heli Angels, City Church Ellon, The Tolbooth, Ellon Scouts, Taylor Design Services and Ellon Rotary Club.

Main Sponsors Jim Jamieson Quarries Sponsors Aberdeenshire Larder Alan Donald Balmoral Group Burnett Property Management Cock and Bull Colin Lawson Transport Cranetek Frasers of Ellon Grampian Catering James Jamieson Construction John Duncan Plant Hire Michael Duncan Builders Phil Anderson Financial Services Pit-Lane (Ellon) Ltd Presly Pest Control Scotia Homes Station Hotel Taylor Design Services The Tolbooth Turrriff Transport Consultants Wiltshire Farm Foods Ythan Bakery

Update 27 April 2016

We have been busy making the early preparations for this year's Ellon Pedal Car Race, this one will be the seventh!

Permission has been applied for and granted for us to close the roads as usual on the day, so the race will be run on the usual course, starting on Market Street, up Bridge Street, taking a right turn at the Ythan Bakery, along Station Road Past the Tolbooth, curving down into The Square at Costcutters and back along Market Street to the finish. We will be making one or two adjustments along the way, which will make it a bit more difficult for the competitors and more fun for the spectators.

Graham Clark has been busy in his workshop, so we will have some new cars available this year, which will add to the excitement of the race, as long as we can get some more teams to drive them. Remember any team can enter, you don't have to be from Ellon, you just need a team of four who will take turns at trying to pedal their car faster than the other drivers. It is not expensive to enter, if you build your own car (they are usually made from old bike parts) the only requirement is that each team should raise at least £100 to sponsor the event, more of course if they can. This can be donated by the team themselves, their employers or they can raise sponsorship, perhaps by carrying advertising on their car. Well, that is how Lewis Hamilton does it and it works out quite well for him!

If you would like to enter a team but aren't able to build a car, we may be able to provide a car for you to use, get in touch with us for further information.

We are delighted to welcome back Jim Jamieson Quarries as our main sponsors for the second year running. Not only do they contribute financially to our fundraising, they do a lot to help on the day and Gemma, Jim's daughter, is already working with the committee to help make the day a success, thanks again Gemma!

Three more of last year's sponsors, Turriff Transport Consultants, James Jamieson Construction and Ythan Bakery have already confirmed they will sponsor the event again this year, thanks sgain, your support is much appreciated.

Balmoral Group have indicated that they are hoping to join us as sponsors this year, which is very good news.

The day will be in much the same format as usual, which seems to suit the various groups of specatators who come to see their preferred events, the cycle races first, followed by the running races, with everyone enjoying the Pedal Car Race in the afrternoon of course.

Update 6 September 2015

Our resident video expert, local man Andy Keith, has worked his magic again and we are delighted to release the video for this year's race. Thanks again, Andy, a lot of work has gone into that, an excellent job!

Update 2 September 2015

Local Rotarian and Race Chairman Mike Watson summed up the day for the local press

Yesterday saw the sixth annual Ellon Pedal Car Race take place, the fourth under Rotary stewardship and the organisers of the event express grateful thanks to all those who made the day the success it undoubtedly was.

The weather played its part in making this years event attract what could well have been a record attendance. I would estimate we had somewhere between 2000 - 3000 persons view proceedings over the course of the day.

With five age group cycle races from under eight's to under sixteen's in the morning and early afternoon, attracting entries from all over Scotland we followed up with two x one mile road races which saw a total of 40 runners participate. This was the first time we have seen runners take part and hopefully this will provide a platform to build on for future events.

The main event saw sixteen cars take part in the pedal car race. One team failed to show, but rather than be a car down, volunteers were sought from the crowd and so the "Press Gang" team were born. The overall race winner was Captain Chicos Privateers, returning to the fold, followed closely by past winners Heli-Angels, who had a brand new team of drivers.

Numerous stalls and attractions were on display in the Riverside Car Park and Go-Bikes provided a display of some quirky bikes in Neil Ross Square.

Rotarian Bruce Latto who was supervising the Pedal Car Pits area was tasked, or as Mike advised, "volunteered", to also supervise the water pistol area, a new attraction where youngsters, and perhaps more than a few adults, took to offering the pedal car drivers a little "liquid" refreshment with water pistols as they raced through Costcutter Corner. Bruce had so much fun he has even put his name down for this next time round!! The expression he was "somewhat drookit" springs to mind.

At this stage it looks as if the day has raised more monies than last year. Over the past three years just under £20,000 has been raised for charities and good causes.

Jim Jamieson Quarries, Ellon, was the main sponsor this year with Jim's daughter Gemma a willing and active member of the committee on the lead up to the day.

Mike further intimated his appreciation of all sponsors for their valued support. This year proceeds will help support The Friends of the Special Nursery (Neo Natal Unit ) at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and good causes as identifed by Ellon Rotary Club.

Plans are already being made for the 2016 Race day which is scheduled for Sunday 21 August. Even at this stage anyone interested in entering a team should visit the Race website www.ellonpedalcar.co.uk or make contact with Ellon Rotary Club.

Update 30 August 2015 even later

Here are the positions and timings for the pedal car race.

Congratulations to Captain Chico's Privateers in first place, Heli Angels second and Ythan Cycle Club Blue team third, well done all.

Pedal Car



Captain Chico's Privateers

Pedal Car


41'37 "011





Heli Angels

Pedal Car


42'10 "937





BLUE Ythan Cycle Club

Pedal Car


42'01 "265

1 Lap




Spex Re-In Cart-Nation

Pedal Car


41'44 "518

2 Laps




Ellon Rotary Club

Pedal Car


42'05 "925

4 Laps




The Black Marias

Pedal Car


43'04 "092

' '




J A M IE S O N Q U A R R IE S T h e B l u e B r

Pedal Car


43'30 "234

' '




Ellon Rugby Club

Pedal Car


42'12 "956

5 Laps




Ellon Scouts

Pedal Car


42'29 "990

' '




J A M IE S O N Q U A R R IE S T h e B e d ro c

Pedal Car


42'41 "445

6 Laps




The Ellon Press Gang

Pedal Car


43'38 "183

' '




Aubin All stars

Pedal Car


43'07 "237

11 Laps




Toll Booth

Pedal Car


50'27 "020

14 Laps





Pedal Car


50'27 "274

19 Laps




Ythan CC White

Pedal Car


50'27 "724

26 Laps


Update 30 August 2015 later

Well, that's it for another year and what a glorious, thoroughly enjoyable day it was. The sun was out, the cyclists cycled, the runners ran, the pipers piped, the racers raced and the crowd enjoyed, everyone did everything they were expected to do. Thank you for making the event a wonderful success.

We had more races and more entrants than ever before, had more fun than ever before and raised more money for charity than ever before, it was just great.

We will have all the results and timings as soon as we have processed the information, in the meantime thanks to everyone who took part, helped and attended, you did us proud!

Update 30 August 2015

Ellon Pedal Car Race day is here. Everything is ready, the weather looks promising. The cyclists, runners and pedallers are all ready to do their best.

The schedule of events is on the Timetable Page, check the times to make sure you won't miss anything.

Taks care, stay safe and above all - Have Fun!

Update 29 August 2015

Those of us looking forward to a donut will have to wait a bit longer than we thought. The donut van can't attend tomorrow due to a booking mix up, although there is good news, they have promised to be here next year. Delayed gratification in the extreme, but mmmm will they taste good next year! On the subject of next year, Ellon Pedal Car Race will take place on 21 August 2016.

Looking at the list of stalls, there will be no shortage of opportunities for food, and three of our sponsors, Buchan Hotel, Ice Cream and Coffee Pot and The Tolbooth are actually on the race course. Two more, the Station Hotel and the Cock and Bull, may be on your way home.

This year's turnout for the pedal car race is one of the best ever, so it promises to be a good race.
See you tomorrow, please stay safe, keep behind the safety barriers, only cross at the marked points and be guided by the marshals, they are there to look after you.

Have a Family Funday this Sunday!

Update 28 August 2015

Some information to share about the stalls and attractions which will be available throughout the day, looks like everyone will be well fed anyway!
We will have....

Cup Cake Stall
Chas Bottle Stall
Strawberries Stall
Burger Stall
Marie Curie Stall
Bouncy Castle
Tea Cups Kiddies Ride
Kiddies Bungie Run
Kiddies Toy Ride
Rotary Car Raffle
Walk on water ride
Donut Van (can't make it)
Fudge Company

Lots of fun there, certainly lots of food!.

These will all be in the riverside car park in Market Street.

We will also have some fun going on in Neil Ross Square in Bridge Street, where Go -Bikes will have an array of unusual cycles on display and for us to try, that sounds interesting, we'll have to see what that is all about......

The teams have been allocated the numbers for their cars, which will be...

(1)  YCC White
(2)  Costcutter
(3)  The Blue Brigade (Jamieson Quarries)
(4)  SPEX Re-In-Cart Nation
(5)  Ellon Scouts
(6)  Heli-Angels
(7)  YCC Blue
(8)  Captain Chicos Privateers
(9)  The Black Marias
(10) Brewdog
(11) Tolbooth
(12) PTM PLant
(13) Ellon Rugby Club
(14) The Bedrock Boys (Jamieson Quarries)
(15) Ellon Rotary Club
(16) Aubin All-Stars

Some well known regulars there, with Heli-Angels returning to defend their title.
There is no Quines and Loons team from Ythan Cycle Club this year, they have all grown up, but maybe they are still there in the two teams they are fielding.
There will no doubt be some rivalry between the two teams from our main sponsors this year Jim Jamieson Quarries, best of luck to both.
Best of luck also to newcomers Aubin and to the other newcomers The Black Marias. For those not old enough to remember what a black maria was, they are the team from Police Scotland, and black marias were the black police vans, which are now the white ones with the riot shields, that's progress!

Perhaps it is time to share the little surprise we have in store for the pedal car race teams. Just after they pass Costcutters, they will have to pass some of our younger spectators, armed with water pistols! That should help cool them down a bit.

Don't forget we have will have some of Scotlands best emerging cycling talent on display in the five age group cycle races taking place during the morning and early afternoon. These are organised by the Ythan Cycle Club under the auspices of the Scottish Cycling.

In addition we will have for the first time two x one mile long road races organised by the Ellon Athletics Club in conjunction with Ellon Jog Scotland.  These races are being sponsored by Aubin.

For the times of the cycle and road races please see Timetable of Events section of this website.

Looking forward to the day.......

Update 27 August 2015

Good news on sponsorship, donations from Brewdog, Catwalkers, PTM Plant and TTC, see links to each on our sponsorship page.
Thanks to these and all our sponsors for their generosity in supporting the event.
Special thanks to Gemma Jamieson from our main sponsors Jim Jamieson Quarries, Gemma has worked tirelessly with the organisers to make the day a success and to show our appreciation, we will be making her sound off the horn to start the Pedal Car Race.

The weather has been good to us every year so far, so we will hope for a good day again on Sunday. The event will be going ahead anyway, we Ellon and district folk are quite happy to put a hood up or a hat on and enjoy ourserlves regardless!

We have finalised the schedule for the day, which will help with making plans for which events you want to see.
Roads in the centre of Ellon will be closed for the day. These are Market Street (Roundabout to The Square), Bridge Street (Roundabout to Station Road) and Station Road (Bridge Street to The Square). All other roads will be open as usual, so there will be access in and out of Ellon from every direction.
If you are not attending the event, please try to avoid driving into the centre of Ellon on Sunday if you can.

Schedule of Events

09.00 Roads closed
10.00 Under 16s Cycle Race followed by presentation
10.50 Under 14s Cycle Race followed by presentation
11.30 Under 12s Cycle Race followed by presentation
12.00 Under 10s Cycle Race followed by presentation
12.25 Under 8s Cycle Race followed by presentation

13.15 Senior Mile Running Race
13.30 Junior Mile Running Race followed by presnation

14.00 Pipe Band
14.40 Procession round the track by race teams and accompanying vehicles

15.00 Ellon Pedal Car Race
16.00 Presentation and close of event

16.00 to 17.00 Stalls and displays will remain open
17.00 Event ends and roads re-open

Thanks in anticipation to everyone who will attend and make the day the usual great success.

Update 24 August 2015

The organisers have been so busy sourcing cars for keen entrants and sorting out the stalls and fun for the youngsters.

The entry field is looking like this, welcome back Brewdog and the Tollbooth, and a special welcome to newecomers PTM Plant and Police Scotland.

  • Brewdog
  • Captain Chico's Privateers
  • Costcutter
  • Ellon Rotary Club
  • Ellon Rugby Club
  • Ellon Scouts
  • Heli-Angels
  • Jim Jamieson Quarries
  • Police Scotland
  • PTM Plant
  • Spex Re-In Cart Nation
  • Station Hotel
  • Tollbooth
  • Ythan Cycle Club
  • Ythan Cycle Club Quines & Loons

Sponsorship is again very healthy, welcome back Aberdein Considine, Cranetek, Johnston Carmichael, Scotia Homes and Wiltshire Farm Foods,.
A special welcome to new sponsors Cairndon and Michael Duncan, your support is very much appreciated.

The list of sponsors supporting the Ellon Pedal Car Race 2015 is looking like this so far, sincere thanks to all.

Main Sponsors
Jim Jamieson Quarries

Aberdeenshire Larder

Aberdein Considine


Buchan Hotel


Colin Lawson Transport


Ellon Plant Hire

Frasers of Ellon

Grampian Catering

Ice Cream and Coffee Pot

James Jamieson Construction

John Duncan Plant Hire

Johnston Carmichael

Michael Duncan Builders

Phil Anderson Financial Services

Presly Pest Control

Scotia Homes

Taylor Design Services

The Cock and Bull

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Ythan Bakery


Entrants for the Pedal Car Race, the running Road Races and the Cycling Races should go to our Register page to complete registration for the events.

Update 13 August 2015

We are pleased to report that local businesses are continuing to support the event, with our latest sponsors being Aberdeenshire Larder, Ice Cream and Coffee Pot and The Cock and Bull, thanks to all our sponsors for their tremendous support and for any other local business who would like to add their names to the list, please get in touch, the beneficiaries this year Friends of The Special Nursery (Aberdeen Neo-Natal Unit) and other local community groups around Ellon and the surrounding district can really benefit from your support.

We have had one team who had to drop out for family reasons, Direct Waste, who have assured us they will be raring to go for next year's event, we look forward to seeing them then. Better news is we will see the return of Captain Chico's Privateers and Ellon Scouts, both teams have enjoyed great support from spectators in previous years. Our main sponsors Jim Jamieson Quarries may be able to field two teams, if they manage to get that together, we could see quite a battle between teams at various levels of the race.

Plans for stalls and other attractions are well in hand, with many of the old favourites and some new to try. The improved sound system should help keep everyone informed of what is going on round the course, in Neil Ross Square, Ellon Square and the main activities in Market Street car park. One new activity in particular will be very popular with the children if not with the pedal car teams, more about that later!

Update 11 August 2015

Last year's winning teams Heli-Angels and Ythan Quines and Loons will be back this year, with many of our old favourites and some newcomers. The team from Direct Waste in Peterhead are new entrants and we wish them well.

Our main sponsors this year, Jim Jamieson Quarries will have a team for the first time, all the best and thank you again for supporting the Ellon Pedal Car Race.

We still expect more entries, here is the list so far.

  • Costcutter
  • Direct Waste
  • Ellon Rotary Club
  • Ellon Rugby Club
  • Heli-Angels
  • Jim Jamieson Quarries
  • Spex Re-In Cart Nation
  • Station Hotel
  • Ythan Cycle Club
  • Ythan Cycle Club Quines & Loons

Update 7 August 2015

Gearing up for another Race Day

Preparations are well in hand for the 2015 Ellon Pedal Car Race, which will be held in the town on Sunday 30th August. Organised by the Ellon Rotary Club the day has become a fixture in the Ellon events calendar attracting large crowds to watch proceedings.

As with previous years the day will start with a series of age group cycle races organised by the Ythan Cycle Club under the auspices of Scottish Cycle. YCC President Colin Allanach advised, “We welcome the opportunity to stage these races which allows riders to participate in a rare closed road environment. I anticipate the usual high interest from cyclists from all over Scotland

An addition this year and in keeping with the race theme will be two x one mile road races being organised by Ellon Athletics Club in conjunction with Ellon Jog Scotland. There will be a junior and senior race and Eddie Graham of the Athletics Club commented, “We are a small, friendly and successful club who put the emphasis on fun. Our aim is to facilitate access to athletics for the whole community and participation in the Pedal Car event will help showcase our sport and hopefully attract more people to join us. You do not need any previous experience or high level of fitness”.

Following on in the afternoon will be the Pedal Car Race which will again attract a range of teams, from the serious minded to those simply wishing to have some fun and entertain the crowds. Last years winners, Heli-Angels, a team of helicopter pilots will seek to retain the trophy and renew their intense rivalry with the Ythan Cycle Club teams. As usual there will be a prize for the best dressed or most entertaining team.

Pedal Car Race chairman, Mike Watson of Ellon Rotary is looking forward to another fun packed day and said, “Once again the aim of the day is to provide a fun event in the community, in an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. At the same the use the day to fundraise for worthwhile causes.”

The last three years has seen the event raise just under £20,000.00 for charitable or good causes and Mike further commented, “Jim Jamieson Quarries Ellon have agreed to be the main sponsor of the 2015 event. We very much welcome this support which gives us a great base to work from. Gemma Cameron from the company agreed that monies raised will be split between her chosen charity, The Special Nursery at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and local good causes identified by the Rotary Club”.

Gemma is equally looking forward to the day, indicating “As a local company we are extremely proud to support an event on our doorstep. Having watched it grow over the past few years we recognise what it brings to Ellon. I have managed to cajole some of our staff to enter a team in the pedal car race and look forward to see how they perform – no pressure! I am also particularly pleased to support the Special Nursery (Aberdeen Neo-Natal Unit). This is a cause very dear to my family and many others in the north-east have benefitted from the care it provides.”

The races will be augmented by a variety of stalls in the Market Street Car Park and some unusual forms of cycles in Neil Ross Square. The Ellon and District British Legion Pipe Band will also be in attendance to entertain the crowds and lead the pre race procession.

Town centre roads will be closed between 9.00am to 5.00pm with diversions in place. Marshalls will be on hand to assist traffic flow.

Update 28 June 2015

The Ellon Pedal Car Race team at Ellon Rotary Club have been hard at work putting the arrangements in place for this year's race. We have applied for permission to close the roads on the day and have received confirmation that we may do so.

We have been in discussions with a local business for main sponsorship for this year's event and we are confident of a very generous donation, further details to follow. Other sponsors have confirmed interest, so we are looking forward to another successful year.

Our good causes for the 2015 event are being considered and we are close to confirming who will receive the funds raised. Everything we raise will be donated to worthwhile causes close to the hearts of Ellon and District folks.

Registration for the 2015 race is now open and teams should go to the Registration page to complete the formalities.

We will be upgrading the sound system, so everyone will be able to hear clearly everything as it happens.

Stalls and activities promise to be better than ever and for the first time this year, we will be having running races, more details to follow.

Ellon Pedal Car Race is going from strength to strength, thanks for your help in making the event such a success.

Update 29 August 2014

Video of Ellon Pedal Car Race 2014

Thanks once more to Ellon man Andy Keith for his video expertise.

Update 25 August 2014

We had another wonderful day at the Ellon Pedal Car Race, the weather was good to us again, the competitors tried their very best and the spectators were great in cheering them on and generally joining in the fun. Many thanks to all of you for making it such a great event.

We are still gathering in and counting up the money and it is looking like another financial success as well. Thanks to everyone who contributed and we will announce how much we will be presenting to the charities ALEC and Kayleigh's Wee Stars as soon as we have the final total.

Heli Angels won the race once again, when we hear their helicopters passing overhead, it is really reassuring to know these guys are so fit!
Another great performance by Ythan Cycle Club Quines and Loons, in second place, again beating their less youthful clubmates, who came third.
Ellon Rugby Club were fourth this year, they must have been practising since last year, well done lads!
Costcutter Lads did well in fifth place, unfortunately their Babes team suffered mechanical failure (the car, not the babes!) and were unable to finish.
Brewdog showed remarkable progress, they finished last in their first attempt last year and gained a creditable sixth place this year.
Thanks to all the teams, they all seemed to be having fun, and we certainly had a lot of fun watching them.

Here are all the positions, times, best laps, etc for all of the teams (speeds in Km/h)

pos start no competitor laps total time diff best time best lap best speed
1 3 Heli Angels 29 41:20.051 01:18.376 25 39.043
2 7 Ythan QL 29 41:49.183 29.132 01:21.382 21 37.6
3 1 Ythan CC 27 41:51.674 2 laps 01:23.012 9 36.862
4 8 Ellon Rugby Club 25 42:45.920 4 laps 01:26.614 5 35.329
5 2 Costcutter Lads 23 41:26.497 6 laps 01:20.355 5 38.081
6 9 Brewdog 23 42:26.093 6 laps 01:35.840 1 31.928
7 5 Ellon Rotary Club 22 42:02.275 7 laps 01:42.188 6 29.945
8 11 Ellon Scouts 22 42:37.016 7 laps 01:46.633 9 28.697
9 6 Spex ReInCartNation 21 42:28.784 8 laps 01:26.684 1 35.301
10 13 Golden Oldies 20 42:22.292 9 laps 01:48.957 1 28.084
11 12 Maersk 18 43:12.493 11 laps 02:06.076 1 24.271
12 14 ALEC  17 43:12.769 12 laps 02:08.701 10 23.776
13 10 Station Hotel 8 14:31.548 21 laps 01:35.623 3 32.001
dnf 4 Costcutter Babes 1 01:44.405 28 laps 01:44.405 1 29.309

We have set the date for next year's Ellon Pedal Car Race for 30 August 2015, look forward to seeing you all again!

Update 23 August 2014 (3)

As well as the cycle races in the morning and early afternoon and the pedal car race in the afternoon, there will be a number of stalls and other attractions to entertain the family, throughout the day. These will include

ALEC Caravan
Coconut Shy
Burger Stall
Football Game
Home Bakes
Fresh Strawberries
Craft Stall
Fresh Local Veg Stall
Cake Stall
Pancakes and Home Bakes
Rotary Car Raffle
Walk on Water Feature
More Home Bakes......

Update 23 August 2014 (2)

The programme for the pedal car race will be similar to previous years, so will be

10.00 am Town Centre Roads Closed
11.00 am - 1.30 pm Cycle Races
2.00 pm - 3.00 pm Pipe Band Entertainment
followed by the Pedal Car procession round the circuit
3.00 - 4.00 pm Pedal Car Race
5.00 pm Roads re-opened

Update 23 August 2014

Competitor news, the line up for tomorrow's race is looking good.

Best of luck to everyone taking part.

  1. Ythan Cycle Club
  2. Costcutter Lads
  3. Heli Angels
  4. Costcutter Babes
  5. Ellon Rotary Club
  6. Spex Re-In Cart Nation
  7. Ythan Cycle Club Quines & Loons
  8. Ellon Rugby Club
  9. Brewdog
  10. Station Hotel
  11. 1st Ellon Scout Group
  12. Maersk
  13. Golden Oldies
  14. ALEC

Update 22 August 2014

Thanks to additional sponsors Buchan Hotel, Frasers of Ellon, Ice Cream and Coffee Pot, Johnston Carmichael and William Wilson Ltd

Competitor news, The Tolbooth and Kayleigh's Wee Stars teams have had to withdraw, we hope to see them again next year.

Update 21 August 2014 (2)

Good news, the "Golden Oldies" from Ellon Royal Mail will be in the race, but we suspect a "Joey" in the name, these ladies can pedal a bike, so look out!

Update 21 August 2014

We have additional confirmed entries from 1st Ellon Scout Group, Ellon Rugby Club, Kayleigh's Wee Stars and a second team from Ythan Cycle Club, quite a line up now.

Many thanks to additional sponsors Ellon Plant Hire, James Jamieson Construction, JRD Equipment, Taylor Design Services, Winchesters Solicitors and Ythan Bakery.

Update 14 August 2014

Support is growing for this year's event, with confirmed race entries from ALEC, Brewdog, Costcutters, Ellon Rotary, Heli Angels, Maersk, Spex Re-In Cart Nation and Ythan Cycle Club. A few others have shown interest but not yet confirmed entry.

We now have sponsorship from Aberdein Considine, Bruce and Partners, Casey Jayell Ltd, City Financial, Colin Lawson Transport, Costcutters Ellon, Cranetek, Dingbro, ICR Integrity, Maersk, Presly Pest Control, Quensh Specialists Limited, Scotia Homes and Wiltshire Farm Foods, again others may still confirm.

We have volunteers from Ellon Rotary Club to take charge of the marshalling and generally keeping the event running smoothly. We could do with a few more responsible adults to help with marshalling and keeping the event safe and orderly. If you fit the bill we would be happy to hear from you, drop us an email at info@ellonpedalcar.co.uk Experience in herding cats is particularly useful!

The stalls and attractions are being organised and we will bring you more information as soon as we have it. Looks like being another successful pedal car race!

Update 27 July 2014

Work is well under way to bring you the Ellon Pedal Car Race 2014. We have applied for, and received, permission to close the roads in the centre of Ellon for the day and all the other necessary arrangements are well in hand.

Entry forms are now available and ready for teams to complete and submit, to ensure their place in the race. Teams can also download sponsorship forms to encourage support from their contacts.

We have chosen two very local charities to receive the proceeds raised this year, these will both be well known to people from Ellon and the surrounding area and many families will already have benefitted from their activities. They are

Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres (ALEC) whose mobile education units are a familiar sight in our local school playgrounds.

Kayleigh's Wee Stars which turned a local family's personal tragedy into a very successful resource to provide help for other families.

If you cannot join us on the day, please help with a donation if you can.

We will have details of all the teams taking part and all the stalls and attractions as soon as we have confirmation of entries, etc.

Update 28 August 2013

Date for your diary, next year's Ellon Pedal Car Race will be on Sunday 24 August 2014
We look forward to seeing you there!

Update 26 August 2013

Thanks to Andrew Keith for the video

We now have all the detailed timings -

pos start no. competitor laps total time difference best time best lap best speed
1 7 Ythan QL 31 46:28.463 01:18.426 5 39.018
2 1 Ythan CC 30 48:22.096 1 lap 01:21.472 2 37.559
3 11 Captain Chicos Privateers 29 46:35.467 2 laps 01:23.083 1 36.831
4 2 Costcutter 28 47:26.430 3 laps 01:27.020 5 35.164
5 5 Ellon Rotary Club 26 47:01.852 5 laps 01:39.654 5 30.706
6 13 Morrison Motors 26 47:30.419 5 laps 01:38.148 1 31.177
7 9 Spex Re-In Cart Nation 26 47:55.830 5 laps 01:28.419 2 34.608
8 10 Ellon Rugby Club 25 46:35.877 6 laps 01:33.970 1 32.564
9 8 Daniel Contracts 25 47:55.114 6 laps 01:42.873 4 29.745
10 12 Station Hotel 24 48:02.527 7 laps 01:47.682 19 28.417
11 14 Ellon Scouts 21 40:56.933 10 laps 01:47.447 3 28.479
12 4 Ellon Air Cadets 21 48:06.871 10 laps 01:44.788 4 29.202
13 16 Tolbooth 19 47:35.551 12 laps 02:04.811 1 24.517
14 15 Brewdog 14 48:20.722 17 laps 02:24.732 1 21.143

Ythan Quines and Loons were the clear winners, with most laps and also the fastest lap time and the best speed, an amazing 39 miles per hour, good job the road was closed, so the speed limit didn't apply! QL are the junior section of Ythan Cycle Club and it was good to see them beat the more senior members of the club, who themselves showed a fine performance ( for their age!)

Captain Chicos Privateers have shown good results in previous years and are again in the placings. Their day will come, so watch that team. Costcutter had modified their car this year and showed us what they could do when there were no mechanical problems.

Morrison Motors managed a very creditable sixth place. This was their first time at the event and we had lent them one of our cars to take part, so they may well be worth watching next year if they build their own car. Also first timers were Ellon Rugby Club, a good effort guys, it takes real men to race a car with a pink chain! They have already told us how much they enjoyed the day and they will be practisiing for next year.

Brewdog, well what can you say, the timings speak for themselves!

Update 25 August 2013

Well, what a day we had, the weather was very kind to us, after a doubtful start to the day, the sun came out just before the race started and the rest of the day was beautifully warm and sunny, adding greatly to the enjoyment of the event. The children enjoyed the bouncy castles and other activities, the Bart Simpson slide looked like great fun. Parents enjoyed it too and the teams were clearly having fun.

Very worthy winners were Ythan Cycle Club Quines and Loons, well done folks, you really deserved the prize. We'll have more information when we sort out the numbers, but one team which stands out from the others was Brewdog, who now hold the Ellon Pedal Car Race all time record as the team which has finshed the race with the least number of laps covered. Their beer was good, though, which helped take our minds off their efforts. They did win the prize for the best dressed car and these onesies were very fetching. Maybe next year?

Update 24 August 2013

Well, we are almost there. The weather today was a bit worrying, but the forecast for tomorrow is dry, quite warm, and probably sunny, so it looks like our record of always having good weather for the Ellon Pedal Car Race seems safe enough.

If you'd like to help us raise some money for Maggies Cancer Care Centres you can make a donation on our Donations page

Remember to leave plenty of time for traffic, there were road works just north of Balmedie today which held things up a bit coming from Aberdeen, but not for too long.
The best place to park is at Ellon Park and Ride, if you are approaching from the south, take the Ellon Bypass from the first big roundabout, then turn left at the little roundabout at the north end of the bypass, you can't miss it, it is right beside Tescos! Park and wait at the bus turning circle, look for the Ellon Boys Brigade minibus, that is our courtesy bus for the day, thanks guys!
The courtesy bus is free, but if you want to make a donation to our fundraising for Maggies Cancer Care Centres, we will try to have a collecting bucket available.

Safety - please only cross at the marked crossing points, there will be marshalls there to help. Please only cross when the marshall indicates that it is safe to go, the bikes and cars can be going quite fast and we have to think about the participants' safety as well as your own, please help.

Toilet facilities are available at the riverside car park. First aid is on hand, just find the nearest marshall and they will get help for you. If you need any further information or help, again just ask a marshall.

We are all prepared, no hitches so far, and we will no doubt manage to sort out any that arise, it is amazing the goodwill we have for the event, thanks everyone for your help and support. Enjoy your day!

Update 22 August 2013

As we get nearer the big day, it is probably time to share details of the stalls and attraction which will be available to keep us occupied when we are not watching the races. Ellon Rotary Club will be showing the CLAN prize car and tickets for the raffle will be available. We have supported CLAN for many years, a very worthwhile cause. A Rotary Shelter Box will also be on display. These are the emergency boxes we send out to places where disasters have occurred, earthquakes, floods and the like. It is fascinating to see just how much can be packed into the box, shelter and essentials to keep a family alive, sometimes even for months, until more permanent help can reach them.

It is not all serious, though, there will be a lot of fun as well. Ellon Rugby Club will have a stall with Tombola, there is a toy stall where children will win a prize every time! Ellon Inner Wheel will be offering face painting, strawberries and there may be some balloons. Ladies who craft will have a stall, with hand made items for sale and Gig at the Brig will have tickets for their Hogmanay event available and there is word of a raffle there as well.

Our main sponsors Morrison Motors will have an open air car showroom in The Square, just opposite Costcutters, and The Pits for the race cars will be in Neil Ross Square (just across from McColls in Bridge Street) The race cars will all be assembled for viewing from 12 noon until 2 pm.

Ellon Round Table will have a barbecue on the go down by the river (at the riverside car park in Market Street). As well as burgers and hot dogs, they will have soft drinks available. Friends of CHAS will be there with a stall, another very good charity we have supported over the years. Buchan Community Radio will be keeping us entertained throughout the day.

More for the children, the Bart Simpson Slide sounds like fun and there will be two bouncy castles, one for bigger children and a little one for toddlers, with a ball pool. Rosaline Johnstone School of Dance will be there, also with a tombola. We are getting excited now, it is going to be a good day!

Update 20 August 2013

We now have sixteen confirmed entries for the Ellon Pedal Car Race, with four drivers taking turns in each car, that means a total of sixty-four drivers giving everything they've got, for the prestige of winning the race.

There are unconfirmed reports that dressing up boxes have been emerging in the teams' headquarters, they are even practising for the best dressed team or car prize!

Update 19 August 2013

We have received a few enquiries about the times of the races, etc, so an update is in order. The day will be similar to previous years, which have worked out very well, so far.

The day starts at 10 am with closure of the roads, then from 11 am to 1.30 pm we have Ellon Cycle Race, consisting of a number of races, each for a different age categories.
After the cycle races, we will have entertainment from Ellon Pipe Band, who will then lead the starting parade of all the pedal cars taking part in the race.

The Ellon Pedal Car Race starts at 3 pm, in Market Street and will last for up to an hour. The race teams each have four drivers, who take turns in the race.  All ages take part, from the Ythan Cycle Club Quines and Loons, Ellon Scouts, right through to the more mature team from Ellon Rotary!

Food and refreshments will be available all day and there will be plenty for everyone to do between events, with various stalls to browse and activities for children.

Update 15 August 2013

We have updated the list of sponsors for the 2013 Ellon Pedal Car Race. It is heartening to see the support we have in providing funds for such a good cause, Maggies Cancer Care Centres. If your company can help, we would be delighted to hear from you. Sponsors of the Ellon Pedal Car Race are a special bunch, lets keep it that way!

The Teams list has also been updated. A warm welcome to new entrants, Morrison Motors, our main sponsors this year, of course, and Brewdog, Captain Chicos Privateers and Ellon Rugby Club. Try to ease yourselves in gently, it is a lot more gruelling than you realise! But lots of fun, of course.

Other news, we have sorted out the burgers, so no-one will starve on the day! We have arranged for the car being raffled for CLAN to be on display. CLAN is another great charity which The Rotary Club of Ellon have been supporting for several years and tickets to win the car will be available, good luck!

Update 11 August 2013

We have been organising the parking arrangements for the 2013 Ellon Pedal Car Race. There will be free parking available at Ellon Park and Ride and at The Meadows Sports Centre car park. Ellon Boys Brigade have offered the use of their minibus, so we will be able to provide a free shuttle service from the park and ride to Ellon Square and back, stopping at The Meadows car park on the way. Thanks to the BB and to The Meadows for their support.

There is no charge or entry fee for spectators of Ellon Pedal Car Race, it is completely free and everything we raise from the event is passed on without any deductions, to our chosen charity, which for this year will be Maggies Cancer Care Centres, whose Aberdeen facility is well under way, thanks, partly, to funds raised at last year's Pedal Car Race (£6,000).

If you would like to help with a donation this year, you may do so at our Donations page. Your help is very much appreciated.

Update 30 July 2013

Our main sponsors Morrison Motors, Turriff have got us off to a fast start by presenting Derek Ritchie, one of the busy organisers of Ellon Pedal Car Race, with a cheque for £2,000.
Many thanks Morrison Motors!

Update 28 July 2013

Preparations are well under way for the 2013 Ellon Pedal Car Race. Our main sponsors are Morrison Motors, Turriff, great to have them with us, you can get more information about them on their website Morrison Motors, Turriff.

We have chosen Maggies cancer care centres again this year as our beneficiaries for funds raised by the event. Ellon Pedal Car Race is primarily a community fun day for families and it is an excellent bonus for us to be able to help such a good cause. Maggies will help cancer patients and their families in Aberdeen and from outlying areas and our funds will help those who need it most, it is a very worthwhile service, much appreciated by those who benefit from it.

The 2013 Ellon Pedal Car Race will take the same form as previous years and we are growing bigger and better each year. We will have more attractions to make the day so much fun for all the family.We will update the details as preparations progress, so please keep in touch.

Update 26 November 2012

We had some fun at the switching on parade for the Aberdeen Christmas Lights, weather good, big crowds all the way down Union Street




Update 24 November 2012

We have been asked to take part in the parade for the switching on of the Christmas lights in Aberdeen on Sunday 25 November 2012

Seven cars will represent Ellon Pedal Car Race, suitably decorated for the Christmas theme, along with cyclists from Ythan Cycle Club

The parade starts at 5.30 pm, at the west end of Union Street (top, or Holburn Junction end), led by the Lord Provost and we will be near the front of the parade, so don't be late. Please give us a wave!

Update 20 September 2012

A date for your diaries - 25 August 2013 will be the date of the 2013 Ellon Pedal Car Race - Looking forward to it already, let's make it another great day!

Winners of the 2012 Ellon Pedal Car Race Heli Angels celebrating

2012 Winners Heli Angels celebrating

2012 Ellon Pedal Car Race winners Heli Angels celebrating their win in the usual grand prix style

2012 Winners Heli Angels

After and long and gruelling race, last winners Heli Angels triumphed, with another great result

2012 Ythan Cycle Club

The laps were fast and furious, as the Ythan Cycle Club driver shows his pedalling capabilities

2012 Spectators

The day was enjoyed by spectators and participants alike

2012 Thrills and spills

There were thrills and spills but no injuries

2012 Dogged determination

....to the dogged determination displayed by Ellon Rotarian Ian Bartlet

2012 Cool confidence

the teams worked very hard, and all emotions could be seen from the cool confidence of the ATC driver......

2012 Costcutter walking

No-one was hurt, except their pride and they still managed to smile as they carried their car in

2012 Costcutter casualty

......but were early casualties when fast, hard cornering was too much for one of their back wheels

2012 Costcutter good start

The team from Costcutters in Ellon got off to a good start........

2012 Pedalling off

...and drivers are off under their own pedal power

2012 Jumping clear

Helpers are only allowed to push off for three steps, then they have to jump clear to avoid being struck by the car behind

2012 Pushing off

Drivers are allowed a push off from other members of their teams

2012 Ellon Pedal Car Race start

Ellon Pedal Car Race 2012 then got off to a grand prix start, with teams running for their cars

2012 Pedal car parade

.......then all the teams taking part in the race, with one of the Segways bringing up the rear.

2012 Procession

A procession followed, led by Ellon Pipe Band, and a demonstration car provided by our main sponsors for 2012, John Clark Motor Group.....

2012 Ellon Pipe Band

then a medley of popular tunes from Ellon Pipe |Band

2012 Singing


2012 Drumming

To ensure fun for all the family we had a wide variety of stalls and activities, drumming...

2012 Ellon Pedal Car Race Marshalls

The story of the 2012 Ellon Pedal Car Race
The day started very early with the first preparations for road closures, signage, gazebos, safety barriers, etc beginning at 7.30 am
Here are the marshalls from the Rotary Club of Ellon and Ellon Air Cadets, who looked after safety on the day, being briefed by Chief Marshalls Donny Chisholm and Ann Howley.

We have all the results of the
Ellon Pedal Car Race 2012

Position Team Laps
1 Heli Angels 32
2 Captain Chico's Privateers 31
3 John Clark BMW 28
4 Ellon Scouts Greased Cycling 28
5 Ythan QL (Quines and Loons) 26
6 Ythan Cycle Club 26
7 Ellon Air Cadets 26
8 Team Audi 26
9 Ellon Rotary Club 25
10 The Chocolate Bar 25
11 Last Post (All Ladies Team) 24
12 Specialist Cars Volkswagen 24
13 Ellon Boys Brigade 22
14 Spex Re-In Cart Nation 22
15 Daniel Contracts 21
16 Tolbooth 20
17 Grampian Fire & Rescue 19
DNF Costcutter Ellon 3

The race is based on the total number of laps completed within the duration of the race, which is one hour.

The winners Heli Angels with 32 laps were just one lap ahead of Captain Chico's Privateers who had 31 laps and four laps ahead of the next two teams, John Clark BMW and Ellon Scouts Greased Lightning, with 28 laps.

Congratulations to the winning teams and commiserations to Costcutters Ellon, who had to withdraw with a badly buckled back wheel, very early in the race (DNF means did not finish!)

Our main sponsors for this year, John Clark Motor Group entered three teams and their John Clark BMW team produced a very creditable fourth position, very impressive for their first year in the race. We hope to see all the teams again next year, and maybe a few more, the event just keeps getting better and better!

We had a great day!
Winners Heli-Angels team

We'll have a full report when we have recovered. Thanks to all our sponsors, organisers, helpers, participants and everyone who came to enjoy a great day out.

Update Sunday 26 August 2012
the day of the race

We are all ready for the event and the weather looks like it will be kind to us today.

No rain, perhaps a little cold, so a warm jumper or a jacket may be a good idea. Remember there is frree parking at Ellon Park and Ride and a free shuttle service to and from the centre of Ellon, which will run all day. We are looking forward to some fun, so please join us and help to make it a great day out for all the family!

There will be marshalls at various points around Ellon to help and advise on the best route to take, parking, first aid, etc. They will have yellow tunics with The Rotary Club of Ellon on them, just ask any of them for help if you need it.

Update Saturday 25 August 2012
the day before the race

Everything is ready for the 2012 ELLON PEDAL CAR RACE on SUNDAY 26 AUGUST 2012

Ellon Pedal Car Race Action

The cars have been built, tested, improved, tweaked and pampered.
The crews have been in training, we'll see how much they have done tomorrow!
The organisers have been busy getting ready all the signs, barriers, gazebos, stands and everything else we need to make it a great fun day.

Among the attractions will be


Ellon Pedal Car Race Family Fun Day

You will be welcome to visit rhe pits before the race and see all the pedal cars close up.

Please note that the town centre (Bridge Street, Station Road and Market Street) will be closed between 10 am and 5 pm

FREE PARKING WILL BE AVAILABLE AT ELLON PARK AND RIDE with a FREE SHUTTLE BUS PROVIDED BY TERION TAXIS ELLON, from the park and ride down to the centre, so you won't have to worry about finding parking.

Programme of Events
10.00 am Town Centre Roads Closed
11.00 am - 1.30 pm Cycle Races
2.00 pm - 3.00 pm Pipe Band Entertainment
followed by the Pedal Car procession round the circuit
3.00 - 4.00 pm Pedal Car Race
5.00 pm Roads re-opened

The pits will be in Ellon town square (in front of Costcutters) and the main stalls and displays will be in the car park at Riverside and in Neil Ross Square (off Bridge Street).

The day starts with Ythan Cycle Club cycle races from 11 am to 1.30pm
The races are for under 8 years, under 10 years, under 12 years, under 14 years, under 16 years and Seniors
The races are open to club members only, but you are welcome to come along and watch.

Ythan Cycle Race

The main PEDAL CAR RACE FUN starts at 2 pm with Pipe Band Entertainment followed by the Pedal Car procession round the circuit, led by a demonstration car provided by our MAIN SPONSOR JOHN CLARK MOTOR GROUP who will have new cars on display throughout the day in Neil Ross Square.

ELLON PEDAL RACE STARTS AT 3 PM and will be started officially by a representative from our beneficiaries MAGGIES CANCER CARE CENTRES - the race lasts for an hour, or until all entrants are too exhausted to carry on!

Ellon Pedal Car Race Fun

At 4 pm we will present the JOHN CLARK MOTOR GROUP CUP to the winners and looking at the line up for tomorrow, they will be worthy winners, the competition is fierce!

Roads will be reopened at 5 pm and you are welcome to use TERION TAXIS FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE to get back to the park and ride for your cars.



Sunday 26th August 2012 - all proceeds to maggies cancer care centres

You don't need to be a car builder to enter the Ellon Pedal Car Race, we have a few cars available to teams who do not have a car of their own, but wish to enter the race.

Please contact us for further information.


  • 10:00 - Roads closed off
  • 11:00 - 14:00 - Ellon cycle race (further information)
  • 14:00 - 16:00 - Ellon pedal car race
  • 17:00 - Roads reopened


Ellon Pedal Car Races held in Ellon in 2010 and 2011 proved to be a huge success!

After months of preparations, the 2010 teams finally had the chance to reveal their pedal-powered dream machines and face the public and the competition. The event was opened by a local piper and as the crowds gathered the atmosphere intensified. Following two fast and exciting cycle races, 30 minutes of cartie madness ensued.

Off the race course, there was plenty going on to keep the crowd entertained - barbeque, bouncy castles, face painting, arts & crafts, local trade/market stalls, and more.

Congratulations to the Ythan Cycle Club team who were overall champions on the day after putting in an impressive performance around the race track.


Entries for the 2013 Ellon Pedal Car Championship event are now open! To enter the Ellon Pedal Car Championship 2013 follow the following three steps. Once registered, your team will appear in the teams page where you can view your opposition.

  • Step 1: Register
  • Step 2: Build
  • Step 3: Race

Check out the FAQs page for help, hints and advice on how to build your pedal car.


The main sponsors of the Ellon Pedal Car Race for 2013 are Morrison Motors, Turriff

Additional sponsors for 2013 are listed on our Sponsorship page

If you are interested in other sponsorship/advertising opportunities, please contact the event organisers for more details on info@ellonpedalcar.co.uk for more information.



Sponsors for the
Ellon Pedal Car Race 2016

Main Sponsors
Jim Jamieson Quarries


Aberdeenshire Larder

Aberdein Considine

Alan Donald

Andy Bruce

Balmoral Group

Buchan Hotel

Burnett Property Management

Cat Walkers

Cock and Bull

Colin Lawson Transport

Costcutters Ellon


Frasers of Ellon

Grampian Catering

Ice Cream and Coffee Pot

James Jamieson Construction

John Duncan Plant Hire

JRD Equipment

Lawrence Milne

Michael Duncan Builders

Phil Anderson Financial Services

Pit-Lane (Ellon) Ltd

Presly Pest Control

Quensh Specialists Limited

Scotia Homes

Station Hotel

Taylor Design Services

The Tolbooth

Turrriff Transport Consultants

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Winchesters Solicitors

Ythan Bakery

Sponsors for the
Ellon Pedal Car Race 2015

Main Sponsors
Jim Jamieson Quarries

Aberdeenshire Larder

Aberdein Considine



Buchan Hotel


Cat Walkers

Colin Lawson Transport

Costcutters Ellon


Frasers of Ellon

Grampian Catering

Ice Cream and Coffee Pot

James Jamieson Construction

John Duncan Plant Hire

Johnston Carmichael

JRD Equipment

Lawrence Milne

Michael Duncan Builders

Phil Anderson Financial Services

Presly Pest Control

PTM Plant

Quensh Specialists Limited

Scotia Homes

Station Hotel

Taylor Design Services

The Cock and Bull

The Tolbooth


Wiltshire Farm Foods

Winchesters Solicitors

Ythan Bakery

Sponsors for the
Ellon Pedal Car Race 2014

Aberdein Considine

Bruce and Partners

Buchan Hotel

Casey Jayell Linited

City Financial

Colin Lawson Transport

Costcutters Ellon



Ellon Plant Hire

Frasers of Ellon

Ice Cream and Coffee Pot

ICR Integrity

James Jamieson Construction

Johnston Carmichael

JRD Equipment


Presly Pest Control

Quensh Specialists Limited

Scotia Homes

Taylor Design Services

William Wilson

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Winchesters Solicitors

Ythan Bakery

2015 Charities

Friends of The Special Nursery (Aberdeen Neo-Natal Unit)

Local Ellon and District Community Groups and Good Causes Supported by Ellon Rotary Club

2014 Charities

Our chosen charities to receive all of the funds raised from the Ellon Pedal Car race 2014 are Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres (ALEC) and Kayleigh's Wee Stars

2015 Race Date Confirmed

Ellon will be hosting its 6th Pedal Car Championship on Sunday 30th August 2015!