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*** This page contains the terms and conditions that must be followed by all race participants in order to ensure a safe and fair race. ***
*** Please ensure that all team members have read and fully understood these rules before the race. ***

Entry Fees and Sponsorship

The main purpose of the Ellon Pedal Car Race is for participants and spectators to have a fun day out and enjoy the event. Members of The Rotary Club of Ellon and the other organisers give theiir time freely to make the event a success, although there are necessary outlays and costs for providing the facilities, for which a minimum sponsorship of £100 per team is required.

We are also aware that it is a great opportunity to help local good causes, so we encourage teams to do as much as they can to raise sponsorship, in addition to the entry fee. For participating recognised clubs and organisations, e.g. Scouts, Guides, etc, half the amount raised in sponsorship will go to the total raised by the event and the remaining half will be retained by the club or organisation, for their own funds. For other teams, all the money raised in sponsorship will help towards our good causes.

The Rotary Club of Ellon regularly helps local clubs and organisations, the elderly, less abled and various local groups helping the community. Your help with funds for this is greatly appreciated.

Teams should download sponsorship forms here (click to open, right click to print or save to your computer)

Public Liability Insurance

The Ellon Pedal Car Race organisers have arranged suitable Public Liability Insurance for the event. This covers the members of the organising committee and their volunteers assisting in the marshalling of the parade/race in respect of public liability claims.

Third Party Liability

It is the responsibility of each individual participating in the race to confirm with the race organisers on the day of the event what insurance cover is provided. The Ellon Pedal Car event organisers, its volunteers and insurers will not accept any liability whatsoever for claims from any party including property owners, members of the public, competitors, or their representatives for damage to property, death or personal injury arising from any accidents caused by, or in part by, the negligence of any competitor.

Personal Accident Insurance

Competitors are strongly advised to ensure that they have adequate personal accident insurance in place to meet any claims for personal injury to themselves.

General Health and Fitness

As the race is both physically and mentally demanding, it is strongly recommended that all competitors consult their medical practitioner prior to taking part in the event to ensure that they are sufficiently fit and healthy to compete. To reduce the risk of competitors becoming dehydrated during the event, competitors are strongly recommended to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the race. Should any driver become unwell or injured in any way during the event please contact or signal the nearest race marshal who will arrange for medical assistance.

Medical Conditions

Competitors should not take any part in the event if they suffer from any medical condition, complaint or illness including (but not restricted to) high or low blood pressure, back or neck complaints, angina, diabetes, breathlessness, dizziness, lung, heart or neural disorders/complaints, sight or hearing problems, mental illness or who are on medication or a course of treatment prescribed by a medical practitioner or who have recently undergone any surgical or medical procedure, must declare it and produce to the Race Director a written declaration from the medical practitioner that they are fit to take part in the event.

Competitors who suffer from any physical or mental disability of any nature must declare it and produce to the Race Director a written declaration from their medical practitioner that they are fit to take part in the event. They must also demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Race Director that they will be able to see, hear and act on all and any instructions given by the race marshals.

Alcohol, Medication, etc

It is recommended that competitors do not consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances or medication in the 24 hours prior to taking part in the parade/race. No competitor will be allowed to take part in the event if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances or medication, or acting in an inappropriate manner to the extent that the Race Director considers that they may pose a risk or danger to themselves, other competitors, race marshals or members of the public.

Age Restrictions

Any competitor under the age of 16 (sixteen years) must produce written permission from their parent or guardian before being allowed to take any active part in the parade/race. All teams, both senior and junior, must have a responsible adult as `Pusher`.

Safety Meeting

All competitors must attend the safety meeting prior to the commencement of the parade/race.

Protective Helmets and Clothing

All competitors must wear crash/cycle/safety helmets as approved by the Race Director, whilst entering and exiting the pedal cars and at all times whilst taking part in the race. Any competitor failing to do so will result in that competitor and his team being disqualified from the event. For your own safety, we would strongly recommend that whilst taking part in the race all competitors should wear gloves, long sleeve clothing and arm/knee pads to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Race Marshals

Competitors must obey all instructions and directions given by the race marshals during the event - they are there for the safety of the competitors as well as that of the members of the public. Any competitor failing to do so will be disqualified immediately from the event and required to leave the course, along with their team.

Designated Pit Areas

All cars entering the designated pit areas to change drivers must come to a complete stop and under no circumstances should the designated pit areas be used for overtaking. Teams that fail to come to a complete stop when changing drivers will have laps deducted and may, at the discretion of the Race Director, be disqualified. Cars exiting the designated pit areas must give way to those cars already on the course - each teams `pusher` will be responsible for ensuring that their car leaves its pit and rejoins the race as safely as is possible after each driver change.

Course Etiquette

Please remember that this is a fun event being held for charity and being watched by thousands of spectators both young and old alike. All competitors are expected to behave in a considerate and courteous manner. Competitors who appear to deliberately impede other competitors or who make abusive remarks or gestures to other competitors will have laps deducted, and may, at the discretion of the Race Director, be disqualified. Should any competitor become aware of any unsafe, dangerous or potentially dangerous occurrence or hazard on the course it should be reported immediately to the nearest Race Marshal.